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Dana Rexx logo with sword

"Hi, I'm Dana Rexx. 

I write for all the misfits, outcasts and rebels out there. It’s OK to be different and it’s OK that you don’t want to fit in.  I make music that explores the boundaries between tribal rhythms and electronic power pop with a dark edge and I have made it my mission to challenge inequality through my music. Each of my songs is infused with an empowering message that encourages you to embrace your individuality and unveil your inner Warrior.

Go ahead and explore my world where you can be yourself without the limitations set by outdated norms of society."




Beautiful and Broken Down

Beautiful and Broken Down takes us on a journey of perseverance and survival against all odds. This new dark pop anthem is a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience that we all possess.

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms is about how fucked up the world is today and that we need a revolution, a change of leadership, young and bold, ready to do away with those old customs that no longer have a place in today’s culture. A brand new Coat of Arms to start over and clean up the mess that previous generations have left us.⁣⁣

Queen of Babylon

The song is about finding your guardian angel, about love and giving in to it. But also about acknowledging the path that brought you to that point, even when that journey has been full of heartbreak and regret.

Love Syndrome

Love Syndrome is a rallying cry for awareness of domestic violence in all its forms.
From intimidation, social isolation and humiliation to psychological abuse, sexual and physical assault, and even to murder, domestic violence remains a big problem in our society.

Every day 137 women are killed by a member of their family. Even when the abuse is not physical, being trapped in a spiral of psychological oppression and constant harassment can cause serious mental scarring and estrangement from family, friends and one’s self.

Time Flies

Directed and partly edited by myself, the story I wanted to reflect in the video is of our current political and environmental situation and a prediction of a possible apocalyptic near-future.  A criticism to the blatant unwillingness of world leaders to take action and get us back on the right path, begging the question: "will we survive our own destructive nature?"... only TIME will tell. 

Fire Breathing Dragon

I wrote this ballad after a long-term relationship ended. It was an emotional time for me and I had to remind myself that I was strong enough to get through it. Not only that, but I would let nothing get in the way of realising my dreams ever again.

Time Flies Blooper Reel

Some of the parts that didn't make the cut due to various reasons like bad acting, smoke bombs catching fire, tourists, etc.  

Enjoy the "behind the scenes/making of" bloopers!

Live On Stage 

Get a taste of what my new Live Show looks like.  For bookings click here.

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