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Dana is on a mission to bring out your inner Warrior, transporting you to a world where people are free to explore their unlimited potential and follow their dreams. Heavily influenced by cutting-edge power pop artists like Eurythmics, Cher and Lady Gaga, together with cult movements like Rocky Horror and Mad Max, Dana infuses her songs with messages of empowerment and overcoming darkness, while exploring the boundaries between tribal rhythms and cinematic pop with an epic edge.




Time Flies

Directed and partly edited by Dana, the story in the video is a reflection of our current political and environmental situation and a prediction of a possible apocalyptic near-future.  A criticism to the blatant unwillingness of world leaders to take action and get us back on the right path, begging the question: "will we survive our own destructive nature?"... only TIME will tell. 

Time Flies Blooper Reel

Some of the parts that didn't make the cut due to various reasons like bad acting, smoke bombs catching fire, tourists, etc.  

Enjoy the "behind the scenes/making of" bloopers!

Live On Stage 

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Together with my co-host Maika, I explore how women are perceived in modern society, with a focus on the music industry. Our goal is to open a discussion about the marginalisation of women and delve deeper into related issues with the audience as well as guest interviews.

Join the #SUCHABITCH movement and conversation on the Unboxing Women Youtube Channel or your favourite podcast platform every second Thursday.

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