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Rising pop star Dana Rexx makes music that explores the boundaries between tribal rhythms and electronic power pop with a dark edge.  She is on a mission to challenge inequality and infuses each of her songs with an empowering message that encourages fans around the globe to embrace their individuality and unveil their inner Warrior. 

Dana writes about surviving loss and overcoming a challenging past that fuels her rebellious nature and her desire to overturn society’s outdated norms.  In contrast, her show is big, upbeat and danceable, showing off her colourful personality.

“I write for all the misfits, outcasts and rebels out there. It’s OK to be different and it’s OK that you don’t want to fit in.  When I was a kid it was clear I wasn’t like the others and now I’d rather be weird and fun and be myself, than normal and blend in.”

Early on, Dana has embraced what it means to be truly independent, not only in life, but also in her music career.  As an unsigned artist she oversees all aspects of the creative process, from writing her own songs to styling her entire brand.  Dana even directs and edits her own music videos, building a stylized dystopian world around each release with an impact that is bigger than the music alone.

Dana also hosts her own podcast called ‘Unboxing Women’ where she explores the gender gap in the music industry with her co-host and special guests.


Tommy Denander

"I’m a professional guitarist, producer and song writer from Sweden.  In the last 35 years I’ve worked on more than 3000 albums including more than 100 gold and platinum for artists like Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley, Deep Purple, Ricky Martin, Anastacia, Hollywood Vampires and so on.  The one thing that makes this the best job in the world is working with great talent, great artists and just great people…. Dana Rexx is absolutely all of that!

Dana has such a clear picture of who she wants to be as an artist, sound and image.  I highly recommend her for any professional work in the entertainment world and look forward to seeing her star shine brighter and brighter!"

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